Online Edge Academy Review

Online Edge AcademyMaking the best business decision can make a big difference to your financial status. Many people who have joined Online Edge Academy confess that it was the most prudent choice they made. In this Online Edge Academy review, you are going to discover why you shouldn’t be left behind as more and more people join the academy to improve their business and financial status. Read on.

What exactly is Online Edge Academy?

In the Online Edge Academy, which was established by the brilliant business power couple Devin Dancun and Melanie. The two decided to take their chances and experience with their million dollar firms, and share knowledge which they have accumulated on online marketing and how you may use it to apply it to your own business.

Who does Online Edge Academy Target?

It’s meant for entrepreneurs and business owners looking forward in improving their business. Whether you are a consultant or coach, physical or digital product sellers or a service provider, you are bound to receive remarkable value in the program.

What Can the Members Benefit in This Program?

  • Monthly training Course: You choose the course you need to undertake each month. When you require more than a month, you can buy more credits and take as many courses as you want.
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call: This is full of experiences and strategies about all that’s working for members, and much more.
  • Facebook Group Access: This Online Edge Academy program is full of businesspeople willing to provide advice, share their own success stories and strategies and provide feedback. Joining this group alone is worth your membership fee. Many members tell of their amazing experience of getting business opportunities and amazing friendships that they wouldn’t have had if the hadn’t joined Online Edge Academy.
  • Tools and Resource List: The list is full of tools and resources employed by Duncan which have proved to be successful. You are certain to receive some information here on what works for the professionals.
  • Support from Devil and Melanie: The two are involved actively in the affairs of the group. They provide support, encouragement and respond to feedback. It’s not a group that just attracts you with their fancy names. They participate in it with the members, and it’s clear they truly care, and engage the group.

Course ContentOnline Edge Academy Dashboard

Every course will come with tutorials, training and video instructions. Majority include screen shares so that you may be taken through the whole process of training. There are numerous examples of strategies you may implement immediately and what works. Many courses also include additional resources like Checklists, Worksheets, E-mail Swipe Copy among others.

What do you get from the training?

  • Figuring what’s working and where to put your effort and time.
  • Determining your strengths and weaknesses, and learning on improving enjoyment of your work.
  • Assessing your present competition, gaining clarity on your perfect customers profile and identifying new products your clients need.
  • Complete guide on figuring how to link all the dots, and fit together every of your online marketing pieces.
  • Learning on how to establish mutually beneficial associations with other people operating in your line of business.
  • Gaining access to proven system for healthy ways to get things done.

Why Join Online Edge Academy?

Well, this is your greatest opportunity to improve yourself as an entrepreneur and a business owner. It’s an opportunity to further your education, learning from successful professionals and real experiences. It’s also a great opportunity to form rock solid partnership with successful others.

Check it out:

It is Stacia Loo Approved! 

Testimonial Online Edge Academy


Importance of Video Creation Interview On The Happiness TeleSummit

Stacia Loo Happiness TeleSummit

Yeah!! I am on The Happiness TeleSummit 2014!

My good friend Erica Glessing invited me to be apart of it and decided to Interview me on one of my gifts! Video Marketing!

I just love Youtube and I highly recommend anyone who has a story, a business, or a product and needs to reach thousands!

You can get my interview and other great speakers here:

Hope you see value in the interview!


P.S. Erica is also helping me write my first book. A collaboration book called “Manifest Change”. Stay tuned for more information on the launch!

Our Network is Our Net-Worth – Let’s Help Each Other Increase Both

I got this idea from a marketing mentor of mine to connect more people together. I already connect people all the time but I think this will really help everyone increase our network, build relationships and be of contribution to others.

What you will get out of this experiment…
a) I will connect you with 1 other like-minded person
b) meet someone new and have fun
c) get help with something you’re thinking about or working on

Use the form below to submit your info and I will manually connect you with another person.

Facebook Page Insights: What Does “Talking About This” and “Were Here” Really Mean?

facebook question

This is a great question! What does it really mean when they say x number of people are “Talking About This”? and What does it mean x number of people “Were Here”?

Facebook says the following:
People Talking About This is the number of people who have created a story from your Page post. Stories include:

Sharing, liking or commenting on your post
Answering a question
Responding to an event
Claiming an offer

Facebook Talking About This

According to another article I read they count a few more things such as…
mention the page in a post
tag the page in a photo
check in at a place
share a check-in deal
like a check-in deal
write a recommendation

Read More via

What does Facebook mean by “Were Here”?
Were here is how many people checked-in to your place of business on facebook places.

I posted a quick video as well so you can see what I mean.
Watch Video Below….

How to Hire Online Writers

iwriterDo you hate writing? I actually am not much of a writer either.
I hate writing my blog posts.
I have found a very inexpensive way to hire good writers. Check out my Review of

Click Here to Watch on Youtube

Maybe you might like to write and want to get paid by others to write their content. You can also use iwriter as well they are always looking for good writers.

Let me know if you check it out or have used it before. Comment below…

30 Hours of Inspiration and Blog Training From Australia’s Finest Bloggers

Since 2010 hundreds of bloggers have made the annual trip to the Australian ProBlogger Event – this is your invitation to join them in 2013 with your own virtual pass!

This year there will be over 30 hours of inspiration and training on how to build bigger, better and more profitable blogs from some of the best in the business.

You’ll learn from from international bloggers like Trey Ratcliff, Amy Porterfield and Tsh Oxenreider as well as myself and some of Australia’s best talent.

Attending this event virtually is perfect if you’re a blogger wanting to build a profitable blog. You’ll hear about a variety of strategies for monetizing, working with brands and advertisers, creating eBooks to sell, sponsored posts and much more!

Best of all, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home with full access to over 30 hours of teaching for you to listen to again and again wherever and whenever it suits you.

Hope to see you at the 2013 PBEVENT – digitally of course!

Get your Virtual Pass at ProBlogger today!

Challenge is ON 100 Videos in 7 Days

I hesitated a little bit on this one. I am excited to start this challenge though. I know that youtube marketing has worked for me and my clients so I am up for the challenge. An internet marketer friend of mine Mark Gubuan started it got inspired.

Comment below if you have a question for me about marketing, social media, or anything at all and I will answer them on video.


Youtube Marketing Hangout

Links we mentioned:

How to Create Traffic, Capture Leads and Convert More Sales


What Should You Blog About?


Now that you have your blog set up, you need to post to the blog regularly. Search engines love sites with fresh and frequently updated content. A blog is a great way to provide the search engines with fresh content. But more importantly, the visitors to your blog will want to see new content on a regular basis. New content will keep your visitors coming back. The days are gone when a blog was simply a personal journal. These days, visitors want to be informed and entertained, they don’t want to know what you ate for breakfast.

Blogging for Business

If you are blogging for business purposes, then the best content for your blog will be posts about the business. You don’t need to simply post about any special promotions or new products. Let your visitors know about your company.

Tell them a story about how you got started why are you so passionate about your product or service. What makes you different? I always tell people “Facts Tell But Stories Sell”.

You definitely should post about your products and services but mix it up. Let people know about your company, and its history. You can post about the history of your industry and share interesting stories.

Take Action Tip: Write a few posts about yourself, and key employees within your company. A blog is a good way to let your customers get to know you.

If you have a question about what to blog about let me know comment below… 

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